Friday, January 25, 2013

Stupid Gringa!

Realtors live by the phrase, "location, location, location," just as Augustinians live by, "community, community, community." I know that I've emphasized this before, but I'm only just starting to understand what that's like. Britt said it best when she said, "We're a good bunch, I like us." We have a lot of fun together laughing and enjoying one another's company.

Today we went to the beach which is just a short walk away from our house. Joel warned us not to swim in the ocean as the current was very strong- which we thought was ridiculous as we've all lived in beach communities. However, we should have taken him more seriously as I essentially saw my life flash before my eyes. Wading into the water a little, I was unprepared for one monster wave that started to carry me out and knocked me down (and my top off!). Stupid gringa! After it happened Britt and Chantelle could not stop laughing at my face and the whole situation: it was pretty funny.

Later, we were lying out on our towels when a ginormous (that's a real word- right?) wave came all the way up the beach and drenched us, all of our stuff, and fried Britt's iPhone. Oops. Thankfully it is an old one that she was using and the phone currently sits in a bag of rice.

Tonight we went to El Parque del Agua. Both Chantelle and I visited the park last time we each came to Lima and wanted Britt to see it too. There are multiple fountains and light shows including a tunnel made of water!

One funny story that I forgot to mention yesterday: Alberto let us back in the house when we returned home from Miraflores and he asked us how are day was, etc. Then he asked which of us was kind of messy- Britt. Because her room was so messy, he and Joel thought that someone had broken in and torn the place apart. Lucky for us, she's just messy!

Oops, that was supposed to be shorter, love you soooo much!

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