Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I open my mouth and Spanish falls out.

Estamos aqui! We arrived at the Lima airport last night around 10:45. It seemed like every single time there was an opportunity to be stopped going through security, I was stopped. For a moment, I thought that the immigration officer looking at my passport and temporary visa would not let me into the country. I guess I just look suspicious. After we made it through the whole rigamarole of immigration and finding our bags- of which none were lost- we found the man who was supposed to bring us to the Augustinian house of hospitality. Joel (truth be told, I'm not sure how to spell his name but it is pronounced "yo-el") was delighted to discover that we spoke Spanish. I am constantly amused by the look of shock and delight that Peruvians have when I open my mouth and Spanish falls out. During our 50 minute ride to Churillo (where the house is) Joel explained certain things about the city and told us some interesting information.

This morning we went to a tourism office to start the process for getting our official visas, but as it did not take long Joel offered to drop us off in the center of Lima to do some sightseeing. We had fun roaming around, walking into churches and shops, and taking naps in parks and plazas. Lunch was "chifa," the Peruvian version of Chinese food. The three of us agreed that it was good but rather plain and we accidentally ordered WAY too much of it. After that we walked by an ice cream shop that sold "pizco sour" ice cream and we HAD to split a cone. Pizco sour is a typical Peruvian beverage that vaguely reminds me of a margarita. Let's just say the ice cream was kind of an "acquired taste."

Right now we are back at the house relaxing and chatting with friends. I'll do my best to keep you updated when I'm not exhausted from traveling, speaking Spanish, or roaming around a mega city all day!

Love, love, love, love you!

PS There are 2 adorable dogs that live her! A Jack Russel Terrier named Innocente and an Irish Setter mix named Ron. I decided that they love me.

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