Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oriented: A week with St. Augustine

"Dude, Lacie is such a bro." This particular statement both shocked me and made me laugh, but overall I consider it a testament to my success at the Augustinian Volunteer Orientation. This took place in Philadelphia, PA- exciting for me as it's a city that I am not familiar with. The week consisted of numerous activities and lectures that focused on the Augustinian way of life which places a strong emphasis on community. Our first day was spent roaming around the city on a scavenger hunt that brought us to many of the most famous tourist sites. To my delight, these were mostly historical and I had ample opportunity to nerd out on everyone. The best part about the experience was the company as we walked around with our future community members. Laura, Chantelle, and Britt will be my community members in Chulucanas and it was great getting to know them that first day.

It was also wonderful to meet all of the other AVs, but sad to know that we might not ever see them all again. I was able to connect with each person in such a neat way and it was refreshing to meet people who have similar ideals and dreams as me. I am known as an "honorary bro" by all of the boys simply because I would always be the one girl doing the heavy lifting or braving the huge Jersey Shore waves with them- something they found hilarious because of my height. All in all the experience was exciting, fun, and full of helpful information for the coming year. I look forward to filling you in with more information and fun stories soon. 

Love you!