Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's all becoming real...

A common joke with many of my friends is, "I'm going to go check my mailbox for mail." Now, I don't want to insult my amazing mother by insinuating that she does not send me mail, but I certainly do not receive as much mail for how often I check it. That being said, I was deeply surprised yesterday when I discovered a large envelope that had been stuffed into my mailbox. Surprise soon turned to excitement when I realized that the return address was "Augustinian Friars." Of course, I ripped the envelope open as soon as I could and was most pleased to discover an official acceptance letter (which I simply cannot wait to give to my mom as a nice 'fridge decoration!'); a form that I am to send back saying that I accept; and a handbook with rules, information, and advice. I'm simply stoked!!!

Here is a screen shot from google maps showing where Chulucanas is in Peru:

Love you! Peace! Happiness!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Todos mis sueños han sido realizado...

Hello again! I'm so glad to be returning to this blog and I am excited to update you on the newest adventures that this little lamb is about to embark upon. Yesterday, I received- in the form of an email that looked like a rejection letter- word that I have been accepted as an Augustinian Volunteer for the year long program in Chulucanas, Peru. Although my interests are constantly changing and I am always uncertain of what I really want to do with my life, the only thing that has remained (since my sophomore year of high school) is the desire to do a year of service. This desire stems from a spring break service trip to Honduras that my parents and I went on with the youth group at our church. While in Honduras, I was introduced to Yvonne, a woman who was giving up a year of her life to support this program. Immediately afterwards, I knew that that was something that I wanted. As I grew older, more interested (and skilled) in the Spanish language, and more enthralled with promoting social justice for all- I knew that this childhood dream was not going to disappear as other my former dreams like becoming and astronaut had.

Fortunately, Stonehill has dedicated a lot of time and resources into helping students discover post-grad service initiatives and they have even hired a woman, Kris Silva, to aid students in their search and application to the right program. After much research and help from Kris, I discovered the Augustinian Volunteers and knew that it was the right program for me. Hopefully, through this blog I will be able to share a bit of this experience with all of you. My time in Peru will not begin until January, but I promise to update you a bit before I leave on preparations and on any adventures that I seek prior to my leaving. Thank you for your support and prayers!

Lacie Ann

PS: Here are some pictures of me in Canto Grande, Peru last week. I traveled there with other people from Stonehill on an alternative spring break trip.