Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's all becoming real...

A common joke with many of my friends is, "I'm going to go check my mailbox for mail." Now, I don't want to insult my amazing mother by insinuating that she does not send me mail, but I certainly do not receive as much mail for how often I check it. That being said, I was deeply surprised yesterday when I discovered a large envelope that had been stuffed into my mailbox. Surprise soon turned to excitement when I realized that the return address was "Augustinian Friars." Of course, I ripped the envelope open as soon as I could and was most pleased to discover an official acceptance letter (which I simply cannot wait to give to my mom as a nice 'fridge decoration!'); a form that I am to send back saying that I accept; and a handbook with rules, information, and advice. I'm simply stoked!!!

Here is a screen shot from google maps showing where Chulucanas is in Peru:

Love you! Peace! Happiness!

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