Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sleeping, eating some more

Hello friends. You have not heard from me the past couple of days because there has been nothing much to report. We have spent our days eating, visiting people and places, sleeping, eating some more, playing card games, sweating, and eating some more. For me, one of the highlights of this period was our visit to the CEO Batania. A community center run and established by the Sisters of Mercy, the CEO offers classes to women of the community using a model of empowerment and skill set training. I will teach a basis computers class there. On both of my alternative Spring break trips to New York City we volunteered at a Mercy center and I fell in love with the program and how it is run. I'm so excited to start working there and to learn more about the Mercy Sisters.

Hannah and Shannon left to go back to the United States today. It was strange to see them go and to realize that now we are officially on our own! So much excitement- even if it is slow moving!

Love, love, love you!

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