Wednesday, September 1, 2010

¡Tengo un A!

¡Hola todos! Pam and I are now in the home of our host family… and I couldn’t be happier! This morning we awoke at 11:45 which was not according to the plan at all. Knowing that we were to meet Amalia (the director of our program) at 1:30, we wanted to get up a little earlier so that we could shower, pack, and make all other preparations for the day. When we did finally get up, I jumped in the shower. When I returned from my shower, Pam met me at the door with a very worried look on her face, “the cleaning woman came to the door and said that we were supposed to be out by 12:00 and that we had to leave right away!” Could two people honestly be kicked out of more places in two days? I’m beginning to think that that’s a no.

Anyway, we packed our things as quickly as we could and made it down the stairs where we handed our bags over to the woman at the desk who put them in a closet for safekeeping. The next task was to find brunch. We found ourselves walking into the supermarket across the street where we each bought a yogurt drink and a peach. It surprised us to discover that they sell fruits and vegetables the same way that they sell meat in the United States, almost like a deli set up.

After our brunch we walked back to the hostel where we met Amalia who called a cab that took us to our family’s home. Meeting us at the door of one of the most fantastically historical homes that I have ever seen, Ana stood with a smile. We finished unpacking just in time for lunch (3:00 pm) before which we gave Ana (the mother), Carlos (14), Anita (12), and Jaime (9) their gifts to show our gratitude. Unsure of whether the kids were big or little and not wanting to offend, I gave each of the kids a large t-shirt. Watching Jaime put on his t-shirt was probably one of the funniest things that I have ever seen. The situation was silly enough, but these kids are even funnier!

Lunch, the largest meal of the day, was eaten while seated around the table and consisted of a salad and what I can only describe as some sort of hamburger helper! I don’t say that to be mean or to imply that it wasn’t tasty because, amigos, ¡estaba deliciosa! Video games with Jaime followed lunch which was then followed by a slight walking and shopping tour with Ana. During this tour, she bought us each un helado. Ice cream two days in a row, my daddy would be proud.

We returned to their home to find the kids ready, once again, for more games. We played with their Wii, and then when 9:30 pm rolled around it was time for dinner. This was eaten while seated around the coffee table, and at first I was fearful that it would take place with the T.V. on (thank goodness, I was wrong!). Dinner was almost the same consistency as a pastry but was made with eggs and potatoes. On the side, we ate random slices of meat and potato chips. Dinner is not a large meal for the Spanish.

After dinner, we quickly moved on to the next game (I’m beginning to think that the games will never end, but I’m alright with that). Anita attempted to teach us a card game while Pam, Jaime, and I ate our dessert: Milk with added sugar and little cookies. I have never had so much fun completely failing at understanding a game! Despite my lack of understanding the game, I am certain that my Spanish is destined to improve. These kids are so patient and willing to help us learn. In fact, my favorite part of the evening was that whenever Pam and I would make an atrocious grammar mistake, Jaime would immediately correct us while making a silly face. It did not take long before we were laughing and having a great time with these kids- I love it! Also, they have a very nice family atmosphere. Although the kids occasionally fight, they really seem to love each other and are always playing together.

I will leave you with a hilarious story: one important part of this seemingly invented card game is for a player to get an Ace or “un A.” During her first turn, Pam yelled out excitedly- yet painfully slowly- “¡Tengo un A!” (“I have an A!”). This was too much for Anita and Jaime. They both burst into one of the most ferocious eruptions of giggles that I have ever heard! This became a joke that we used for the rest of the game, and I’m sure that we will use for the remainder of our stay in Granada. I’m having a ball here, but mom and dad- ¡Les amo mucho!

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