Saturday, September 4, 2010

Waca, waca, hey, hey!

Hola amigos, ¿que tál? I’m sorry that I couldn’t write yesterday, but it ended up being a very long day! Arriving at the university at 10:00, we were a little nervous to take our first exam. It was only a placement exam, but whenever you hear the word, “exam” it’s guaranteed to start those butterflies in your stomach. After we finished the exam, Amalia and Teresa each spoke with us separately about the program itself and what was expected of us. By 1:30, it was time to go home for our siesta (I love how they break up the day it Spain, it makes it a lot more easier).

At home, we played more games with our hermanitos, Go Fish which translates to “Pesca.” Lunch consisted of salmon, vegetables (including potatoes, yay!), and a salad. After we ate, it was time to play again (what else is new?)! We played a board game called “Hotel,” which is very similar to “Monopoly.” I lost very quickly. For me, it is very difficult to understand how to play any games- even in English; therefore, I have a very difficult time understanding the directions to all of the games that we play with the kids until we are almost done, but by that point I have already lost!

At 6:00, we had to meet up with Teresa and the rest of the group. Teresa showed us yet another section of the city where there is a lot of good shopping. Mom, you would LOVE Granada! She also took us to a little open air restaurant where they sell Churros con Chocolate. Mmmmmmm! The churros are not the same as those at home as there do have cinnamon or sugar on them, but they do give you a hot cup of melted chocolate that you dip the churro into. Is it really necessary for me to explain just how delicious this is?

We returned to our house around 9:00, ate dinner with the family around 9:30 (turkey burgers!), and at 10:30 we began to get ready to go out for the night. Granada is a city with a lot of night life, but it is not only restricted to the night time. Many people stay out until 8:00am! It was good to hang out with the other students in our program and get to know them all a little better. We went to la discotecha, and all I have to say about it is that my legs hurt today from all of the dancing!

I really am enjoying this city. My family is great, I feel safe when I walk down the streets, the food is terrific, the other students in my program are great, and I think that I’m actually learning something!

Miss you all, please write me!

PS Mum and Dad, love ya!


  1. Well hello Lacie Ann - haven't "seen - talked" to you in three whole days!! Miss seeing your face:)
    We had a very nice BBQ at Sandra & Ian's today - all my sisters were there except Kathy - but I get to see her tomorrow (Sunday) at Jacqui's Shower - but shhh - it's a secret. Love you - glad all is well - Mom

  2. remember to study too
    love you da mon

  3. um......twice now you love mom and dad, but not me...entiendo como esta......lame