Friday, September 10, 2010

Too shy to sing…

¡Hola a todos! Yesterday was a fun day but not terribly exciting I suppose, shall we see what you think? We had class at 9:30am once again, but Amalia released us to Teresa at 11:30am for some real world Spanish practice. Each with a different task in hand, we set out to the streets with the idea in mind that we had to return to Teresa at 1:00am. Pam’s and my task was to go to the Tourism Office and inquire about information about the Poniente Granadino (the Wester part of Granada). There were several things that we needed to inquire about and a lot of information that we were to get. Teresa told us that we had to be actors and not lot them realize that we were doing something for a class- which kind of made it fun!

After we had finished our task and learned a lot of good information about all of the fun things that we can do in Granada, we returned home for lunch and to work on a paper that Amalia had assigned us. It was on our experience and what we had learned about the Cathedral, and it completely kicked my butt. It was particularly annoying because I really had learned a lot about the Cathedral and probably could have written several pages in English, but writing in Spanish is a completely different story. I finished that by 8:00pm and then skyped with mom and dad a little bit, and mom got to meet my host mother, Ana! It was pretty cool. After I finished talking to mom, Pamela came back home from her meeting with her “Intercambio,” Melén. She is a 21 year-old granadiña who Pam will be meeting with just about once every week so that Pam can practice Spanish and so that Melén can practice English. Hopefully, Teresa will set me up with an Intercambio soon too!

Next we ate dinner with the family- tuna and tomato empandillas and potato chips. Oh yum. Haha, they’re really into potato chips over here. Actually they’re really into potatoes. They eat at least one type of potato at least once a day (sounds like heaven, doesn’t it Crowley girls?). Then we went to Hanigans for Karaoke night! I haven’t seen so many Americans in one place at one time in a long time, but it was still fun. Anyone who knows us, however, knows that Pam and I were too shy to sing…

This morning, I awoke early so that I could go for a little run through the streets. After breakfast, we made on our way to the opposite end of the city where we were to meet Amalia at 10:30am. On the way there I discovered that if he wants to, Uncle Kevin Hawes can come visit. They have a Dunkin Coffee here. After the whole group had met up, we walked to the Museo CajaGranada Memoria de Andalucía. In Spain they have two different types of banks: a “banco” which is just like what we would think about as a bank in the United States, and a “caja.” A “caja” functions in exactly the same way that a bank does, but it has a special initiative to do something good for the community. CajaGranada runs a museum in honor and to share knowledge of the province of Andalucía. It is the coolest museum that I have ever been in! Everything was hands on and they had these cool video things where you would stand in front of the screen on a little circle that would recognize that you were there and then you would point your arm at the screen to select which video you wanted to watch. It was almost like a Wii without the Wiimote! Awesome.

Pam and I ran home so that we wouldn’t be late for lunch and made it just in time for this delicious dish that consisted of watered down pasta sauce, tiny macaroni, and various shellfish and other seafood. After lunch Pam and I retired to our room for our siesta and here I am now! Tomorrow we leave early in the morning on a bus heading for Spain’s Southern coast. We will be visiting the castles and the beaches of Almuñecar and Nerjá. On that note, the next post might not come until Monday. Don’t miss me too much.

PS Love you!

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