Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Título interesante.

¡Bienvenidos a mi blog! Not that I do not enjoy our intensive class, but today when Amalia changed things up a little bit, I was quite pleased. We were expected at the university at 9:30am for more lessons on grammar and speech, but today’s classroom lesson only lasted 11:00am. After that, Amalia brought the whole class to the Capilla Real y La Catedral de Granada. I have wanted to visit the Cathedral since we arrived in Granada. Allow me to rephrase: I have wanted to tour and learn about the Cathedral ever since we arrived in Granada (pushes up glasses while snorting). It was very interesting to compare the architecture with that of the cathedrals of France. I can never remember the names for various types of architecture, but whatever style the cathedral of Granada was built in it is not as overpoweringly ornate as some of the cathedrals in France, like Notre Dame, can be. Also, although it does not have as many windows as many of the cathedrals in France, it is a very bright cathedral because the walls are completely white on the inside. Speaking of different styles of architecture, it was fascinating to note the different styles of the various devotional areas around the cathedral. It took over two-hundred years to complete the sanctuary; therefore, each devotional area was built, sculpted, or painted in a different decade.

We also toured the Capilla Real which is where Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand (the ones who kicked the Muslims out of Spain and paid for Columbus to go West to India) along with their two grandchildren (and their grandchild) have been laid to rest. I was rather engrossed with the art of the tomb as there is quite an interesting mix of political and religious symbols.

After our tours of these historic places, we were released for our siesta. As we did not have a cultural activity in the afternoon, we planned to meet Liz to go shopping after we had completed our homework. So, at 5:30pm we met Liz and went shopping! We finished the outing with Tapas at an open-air restaurant close to our house. When we returned home, I watched T.V. with the kids, and now, ¡estoy aquí! Sorry that the blog wasn’t as long today- or are you breathing a sigh of relief? In any case, until we return to this unilateral conversation, ¡hasta luego!

PS Love you!

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