Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've been kicked out of nicer Spanish supermarkets!

Ok, so apparently Pam and I are still not quite used to the whole time difference thing because it is WAY to late for me to still be up. In any case. We had a very nice day exploring some of Granada today. Waking from one of the hottest nights that I have ever experienced, we were soon shocked to discover that it was already 12 pm (Granada time!), meaning that we slept roughly twelve hours. I suppose this makes sense considering the fact we hadn't slept for about 25 hours previously. Oh jet lag.

After we got ready to go, we decided that it was time to eat. Still unfamiliar with the area and unsure of where we could grab a meal, we returned to the cafetería where we went for dinner the night before (a dinner that literally consisted of cheese and tomato on bread- but it was delicious!)and we each got a tuna sandwich and una granizada (Slushies or ice storms? You decide). It was kind of a humorous meal because there was absolutely nothing on the sandwich besides dry tuna-something we're not used to! Oh culture shocks.

After our meal we walked to the Arab Market which is close to the cathedral. Feeling as though we had been transported back in time (or simply into the Disney film, Aladdin), we poked around the little shops and boutiques, admiring the different trinkets for sale. We also discovered that the ice cream in Granada is very good and quite rich!

After a couple hours at the market, we returned to our hostel. When we had regained our strength (it was just about siesta time)and had discovered how to turn on our air conditioning, we set out into the streets once again to find El Corte de Ingles, a huge department store that is sort of like a Super Wal-Mart, but WAY nicer. After we got kicked out of there because the store was closing- and by "kicked out" I literally mean chased out of the store- we walked back towards our hotel and tried to find a restaurant for dinner. We stopped at a little outdoor cafe and had fish. It was delicious!

Ok, there are SO many more things that happened, but I am suddenly completely overwhelmed with exhaustion. I will update your further in the morning!

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