Saturday, August 28, 2010

My penultimate day in the United States!

Hello to all of my adoring blog readers (in other words, hi mom). I am sitting at my kitchen table and thinking about how I should be doing something else besides playing on my computer. In any case, I am preparing to leave on a three-and-a-half month trip to Granada, Spain where I will be studying and living. My travel companion is Ms. Pamela Badylak-Reals, one of my classmates from Stonehill. Living with a Spanish family (that's right, they don't speak English!), we will be fully immersed in the culture, the language, and the way of life of the Spanish people. Not only will I be learning about these things through my experiences, but also through the various classes that I will be taking through the GRIIS program (the Granada Institute for International Students) which is run by the University of Granada.
I hope to travel, make new friends, try new foods, see amazing sights that I have only dreamed about, and make sure that I try to call my mom and pop at least once a day! Nervous, excited, and ready to see the world, I am about to embark on a journey that I know will definitely change my life. More to come later but now I think that I better go make sure (for the 23rd time) that my suitcase is properly packed and ready to go.
¡Hasta maƱana!