Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yo No Tengo Sangre Dulce

Chantelle and Britt and constantly envious of me. Why? Yo no tengo sangre dulce. "I don't have sweet blood." Although I do get the occasional and particularly itchy mosquito bite, I am generally left alone by the extreme number of insects that thrive in this climate. Unfortunately for Britt and Chantelle, their blood is quite sweet. Last week, Chantelle began complaining a lot more than usual about the bug bites on her legs. "I want to just cut my legs off their so itchy!" We obviously advised against this, and then we took a closer look. Those don't really look like mosquito bites, we thought. Hmmmm... After a while we began to consider that these bites might be something different than mosquitoes: like bed bugs. We were never able to find any bed bugs in Chantelle's bed so we're also considering fleas, but we did contact our landlord and got our entire house fumigated. This meant removing all of our food and having to stay out of our house for 3 hours (I'll take that to having bugs in our home!). Chantelle's bites seem to be getting better and we have less unwelcome house guests now.

In happier news, I found a great recipe for cinnamon swirl bread that actually came out really well, we're having friends over tonight for a campfire in our backyard, and I feel like I'm really starting to get comfortable and understand my computer class.

Life goes on. Life is hard, but there are small moments that make it worth it.

Love you!

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