Monday, April 15, 2013

Do Wipe Your Feet Please

It surprised me to realize that I have gone so long without giving you a proper tour of our home! Forgive my rude behavior and allow me to show you around. Do wipe your feet please, we just swept and mopped.

The first picture that you see below is of the front room. The doorway in the back is our front door. There is a bedroom to the right of the door that we do not currently use except for storage.

Taken from the same geographic spot as the first but now with the viewer's back to the door, the second picture is of our kitchen. Believe it or not, we usually all crowd in there together to cook at the same time.

Although it does not show my bed, mirror, or table the third picture is of my room. The vivacious blue walls are adorned with pictures of my friends and family. I see and think of all of you each and every day!

Decorated by my laundry, the fourth picture shows our courtyard. This little patio is bordered by the kitchen, bathroom, Chantelle's room, and Britt's room. There is also another bathroom in Britt's room and a fairly large backyard.

Thanks for visiting, it was great to see you!

Love you!

PS Our bonfire last night was fun and our Peruvian friends now like s'mores!

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