Monday, April 22, 2013

Rang Out So Purely and Sweet

Just when I feel as though I am losing touch of what is important or that I am missing the point completely- it is thrust upon me in such a strong and beautiful way. Having our director, Pat, here this past week was a very cool experience. We had the opportunity to chat with him on our own and then all together as a community. I didn't realize how beneficial an outside yet understanding opinion would be. When I expressed my frustrations with the culture, Pat asked questions that I had not thought of and challenged me to redirect my struggles to positive energy. I now look forward to facing these struggles and recommit myself to a more patient attitude.

In addition to taking a new look at my own experience here, I was able to reevaluate my relationships with my community members. Recognizing our strengths as a community, deciding to work harder to alleviate our struggles, and promising to support each other unconditionally really made me appreciate Britt and Chantelle all the more. Although each of us has friends and family members supporting us from home, we are all each other has in this country.

This morning we brought Pat to the airport and from there decided to spend the day enjoying Piura. Some of my favorite moments with Chantelle and Britt are when we do absolutely nothing... Together! We wandered around Piura for a while and eventually stumbled upon San Sebastian church. It just so happened that mass was beginning at that very moment and we felt ourselves drawn into this impressive cathedral. It was the most beautiful mass that I have been to thus far in Peru. Thankfully, the priest spoke slowly enough that, despite the immense size of the building, we could understand everything perfectly. In addition, the music from the choir rang out so purely and sweetly which filled me in a way that I had deeply missed. I left the church feeling renewed in my faith and my commitment to this program. I realized that I am not in control and I need to stop assuming that I am. I don't know or understand everything (at times it feels I barely know or understand anything), but it doesn't matter because I'm not really the one driving anyways. Everything is not always roses, yet poco a poco I allow myself to be vulnerable enough to witness the presence of Christ.

Thanks for being you because that's what I love!

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