Friday, April 26, 2013

Once Again: Good Times

Don't freak out. Please, I swear I'm ok. However, I was pretty bad: quite ill actually. I spent all of Wednesday in the Chulucanas hospital where I was treated for dehydration. "Oh no!" you're shrieking, "how could this be?" Well, it all began with some bad food --of what I'm not even sure- that gave me a bad stomach bug. All day on Tuesday, I stayed home from work, getting to know my bathroom R E A L well! Naturally Britt and Chantelle were a little concerned and urged me to visit the doctor if I failed to improve on Wednesday morning. Obviously, I wasn't feeling much better on Wednesday and brought myself to Centro Pastoral (where Chantelle works) to speak with Hermana Roxana, a nurse and Sister of Mercy. As soon as she heard the words 'fever, achy, and stomach problems' she announced that I must go to the hospital. Apparently my symptoms are exactly those for dengue fever, a dangerous mosquito born illness that is common in Peru. Awesome.

Once at the hospital, they tested me for dengue (negative by the way, I'm dengue free!) and started me on an IV to rehydrate me and give me Cipero. Finally, they let me leave at night after I promised to return again should my condition worsen. I spent today further recovering at home and retraining my stomach how to eat again. Once again: good times.

Right now I'm still kind of recovering but feeling much better and even sort of considering going to work tomorrow... Maybe- hopefully! I get way too bored with this whole staying home thing. Please keep me in your prayers and happy thoughts as I continue to heal and for my community members that they won't get sick too!

Health, happiness, and much love to you!

PS Please note that in the photo of the piece of paper from the hospital they misspelled my name at first then crossed it out. Chantelle and I think the result looks like "Lacie Dengue Michaelson" at a quick glance!

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