Sunday, February 10, 2013

I love, I weep.

I love leaving my house and hearing a two year-old scream after me, "¡Lucía! No te vayas." ("Lucía! Don't leave!). I love walking down the street, nodding to all the old folks sitting out on their front stoops, giggling as one woman exclaims, "Good evening! Ah, how beautiful you look tonight!" I love waving to my neighbor as he drives his moto down the street. I love coming home later that night to a family excited to see me and dragging me into the street to play volleyball with their neighbors until the wee hours of the morning. I love waking up the next morning and having a water fight in the street with all of the neighborhood kids.

At the top of the hill we climbed!

Anabel, Rafaela, me, Chantelle, Britt, Pelau, Othmar (Britt's host brother)

Twilight looking out the back of our house.

The mountains!

Cooking Aji de Gallina with Pelau being silly in the background.

Still cooking dinner with Anabel!

The duckies that have free reign of our back yard!

Yet, I weep. I weep for the dogs, kicked and abused by their owners. I weep for the environmental disregard that takes place when people simply throw their rubbish in the street. I weep for those children who's bones push forth a little too prominently. I weep for the women and children who suffer from the machismo culture. Finally, I weep for those who think that the people I met are only poor. They know that they are poor, but it in no way defines them. Their richness of living overpowers any physical poverty.

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