Thursday, February 14, 2013

Exorbitant Amounts of Food

Watching Bishop Dan's face and noticing just how much he enjoyed himself was the best part of his mardi gras party. Last Monday we were invited to the obispado for this little celebration. Peruvian parties are arranged like this: all of the chairs are set up in a circle leaving an empty space in the middle. At the beginning, someone goes up and grabs a tray of food (typical party food like popcorn) and walks around the circle offering it to each person. Later on in the party, some brave couple gets up to dance while everyone else watches until someone else finally gets the courage to dance too. Basically, imagine a middle school dance right down to the fact that the boys go up to girls and ask them to dance. Despite it being a strange experience for us, the party was quite fun.

Today our landlord, Marlón showed us the house that we will live in together and it is absolutely gorgeous! It was exciting to see where we will live together once we are more fully settled. One of the funnier moments of the visit occurred when we toured the bathroom and it looked like someone had left a little present in the toilet (if you know what I mean). That is, until it started moving! It seems that two little frogs had taken up residence in the toilet!

I continue to be fed exorbitant amounts of food which contains barely any vegetables and way too many carbs. It's one of those things that's really good the first time then quickly gets really old. Other than that though I don't dislike the food, I just miss veggies!

Love you!

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