Friday, February 22, 2013

Drop Dead, Traffic Stopping Gorgeous

There is a very funny scene from the movie Overboard in which Goldie Haun's character is interviewed by the local news station. The news station itself is laughable. Run completely by a man and his wife, it is clear that they are broadcasting from their living room and have made their set our of paper and cardboard. I was delighted to discover that the local news here in Chulucanas is exactly the same set up: a middle aged man sits behind a desk and the wall behind him is covered by a big picture that simply says, "noticias" (news). Recently, when Britt, Chantelle and I were walking home we passed the building where the news is filmed (by buliding, I mean the small room). It's safe to say that I flipped out... For some reason the news is so comical to me and to have my assumptions realized of what this little "studio" actually looks like really tickled my funny bone!

Beauty does not have a universal definition. I know this because the people here think that us gringas are GORGEOUS. I mean drop dead, traffic stopping gorgeous (and we really do stop traffic). Why is this? I've never thought of myself as particularly ugly, but I'm certainly no goddess. Indeed, it is quite peculiar to be considered so exotic when I've always considered myself plain and normal. This goes to show just how ridiculous the notion of "normal" really is.

Peace, love, and chifles!

(Chifles are fried banana chips, yum)

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