Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who Needs TV When You Have Gringas?

My neighbors are loud. Can you blame them though? It's someone's birthday and they're Peruvian which generally means that they like to party (at least it seems to be the case here in Chulucanas). That being said, I can't sleep and shall gift (hahaha) you with another blog post.

If I had gone to bed earlier I would probably just be having some really weird dreams right now. However, my job requires some serious lesson planning. So far, I've decided that the easiest way for me to present information is through a PowerPoint, but of course it has to sufficient information to fill such a long class. This process of preparing for class sometimes keeps me working late and tonight it was particularly late.

Funny story #1: When I got home from the university I was very hungry and found myself in the kitchen, searching for a snack. All of a sudden I noticed a group of four young people watching me from outside the door. It turns out that they are engineering students from the university and were sent to our house by one of the local nuns who assured them that we could translate some physics homework for them (not a ton of personal boundaries here). I did my best translating the material for them and they chimed in randomly to help me with certain physics words. It's always something different!

Funny story #2: Tonight before dinner we decided to do a workout video in our living room. We have 2 doors, one of which is more of a gate than a door and therefore is kept open almost all the time to let air in. During the middle of the workout, about ten of the neighborhood kids came up and started watching us through the gate and our open front window. Who needs TV when you have gringas? They didn't just watch us though. Like most children they were full of questions for us like, "Are there only gringos in America?" Highly entertaining.

I hope you've enjoyed this random blogpost. Thank you and good night (only if my neighbors stop yelling!). Love you!

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