Friday, March 15, 2013

Photo Update

Enjoying watermelon with Anabel.

Dinner: Duck.

Helping prepare dinner with Yudy, Anabel, and Jesus.
Anabel and I.

Anabel blowing out the candles.
Rafaela going in for a bite!
Hanging with some of the neighborhood kids. That's Pathi in the background.

Anabel and Sucora dancing.

Pelau's whiteboards.

The first day of work. Note Britt's uniform!

Pelau being silly.
Our first home cooked meal.

Chicha Morada: A popular Peruvian drink.
The cake for Anabel's quinceƱera (15th birthday party)
Sucora plucking the duck.

Our friend Richard showing us how to open a coconut.

Me trying it out!

Cooking with the lights out. Headlamp time!

Headlamp cooking!

The lake that appears in our house when it rains.

Sadly standing in our like, rockin the headlamps.

My computer students working!

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