Friday, March 22, 2013

Guys, We Live in Peru

Many of my friends and family members have recently asked me, what is ate average day like for you? Here, my friends, is an example of what I did today:

7:45 I hit the snooze button for five more minutes as "me pegan las sabanas" "the sheets stick to me."

7:50 I lazily make my way out of bed and into the shower.

8:30 I've make and eat breakfast: hard boiled/fried eggs, yogurt and granola, or a home made smoothie.

8:45 I begin walking to CEO Betania, where I work. I say hi to the same people that I see on the sidewalk every single day.

9:00 I unlock the door of the CEO and begin setting up my classroom.

9:15 If most of my students have arrived (highly unlikely) then I begin teaching.

12:00 I finish class. One of my students. Susanna, begs me to go back to her house with her so that I can how her how to do something on her home computer. I help her and-of course- her mother offers me a huge plate of food. Trying to be polite, I eat the food and am amazed at just how delicious it is (lentils with rice, vegetables, and a very chewy piece of steak). They also provide me with a glass of refesco: a sweet juice mixture. Although the food is delicious, I am concerned as I have other plans for lunch and don't wish to be rude. I am relieved when Britt calls, looking for me and I am granted an excuse to leave.

12:45 I hurry home to meet Britt.

1:00 We both roll away from our house on bicycles, headed to Chantelle's host family's restaurant. They invited us to eat there every Thursday for lunch. We obviously did not object, Nena is a fabulous cook! Papas Juan Gallina (spelling?) and pasta make up a delicious meal that is lightly seasoned with a fabulous conversation with Nena and her 14 year-old daughter Claudia.

2:20 We bid them adieu and head back to our house.

2:45 We return to our house and check on the mango ice cream that Britt made the day before with fresh mangoes. It's good.

3:00 Hopping on my bicycle once more, I make my way towards the university.

3:15 I begin teaching English pronunciation to a group of students hi are too embarrassed to speak during class. For obvious reasons this makes pronunciation difficult.

4:00 The class is over (it's a short one). I pedal my bicycle home.

4:30 Once back home I decide that although it is late, I will wash my laundry (by hand of course). during the washing I am able to Skype with my best friend Kelsie.

7:00 I finish washing my clothes and hang them on the line. Feeling lazy, we decide to walk to the corner for chaufa (Chinese friend rice), French fries, and a fried chicken wing (talk about artery clogging, but delicious!) served with a glass of Marycuya juice.

9:00 My "cousin" Jefferson and our friend Russo show up and want to hang out and chat.

9:30 We all leave for Russo's grandmother's house where we eat beef heart kebobs (delicious, don't knock it till you try it!).

No day is necessarily "typical," but I do have a set schedule that seems to be always changing!

Love you!!!

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