Saturday, December 4, 2010


Teresa was right. When I made it to the airport, there were huge lines of irritated people waiting to hear what the airlines were going to do for them and those horrible electric signs telling me what I did not want to read: CANCELLED. After I realised that I could not get a flight to go Italy until Monday (and even then I would have to go to Rome), I broke into tears- quite embarrassing when you're in a full airport. Anyway, I was able to get my money back on the flight, but as my friend bought the return flight- I think that I lost out on my money for that one. Then, trying to get back to the train station was its own adventure, but I eventually got here and am now waiting for the AMAZING Teresa to come pick me up to bring me to Granada (there are no more trains or buses to Granada today and she insisted). Needless to say, I'm exhuasted, depressed, and my face is slightly salted from tears (I cry very easily). Here's hoping that you had a better day!

PS Please do not worry about me in any way whatsoever- I'm fine, just emotionally drained!

PPS I love you!

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