Saturday, December 4, 2010

I swear, if one more huelga tries to mess with my travel plans!

Heyoh! Ok, honestly I've just about had enough with these stupid Huelgas! I used to be really impressed with the cheap transportation services of Europe, but this honeymoon fascination has worn off. I am supposed to fly out today from Seville (which I will be taking a train from Granada to get to), but while walking to the train station, I got a call from Teresa saying that there was- yet again!- another huelga. I just checked the Ryanair website and as of now the flight from Seville to Pisa is still on, but Teresa claims that the news is saying that all RyanAir flights are cancelled. Let's hope that she's wrong. I'm not keeping my hopes up or letting them get me down. I'm going to Sevilla, more updates to come from there!

PS Somebody say a prayer for me!/make sure my mother doesn't have heart palpitations.

PPS I love you!

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