Sunday, December 5, 2010

Huelga: 1. Lacie: Most Beautiful City in Europe

Buenos Dias! With a freshly washed face; a belly full of warm, herbal tea; and a positive and optimistic outlook for my new plans I impatiently wait for my bus to leave the Granada bus station. The destination of this bus? Valencia, a city that apparently was named the most beautiful city in Europe! Oh, our bus just left!!! Wahoo- only nine hours left to go! Why am I travelling to this far away city besides its famed beauty? My friends will arrive there from Barcelona right around the same time that I do and they have rented a car that we will use to return to Granada. I feel so blessed to have people here to help take care of me and make me feel better when I really need it. Thanks also to all of you who sent me prayers or good thoughts when I needed them. I got news from Pam last night that she and Mark made it ok to Florence and had plans to meet up with friends studying there.

PS May you have a horrible travel experience so that you really appreciate those experiences that go smoothly, but when you do get into trouble- may you have a friend like Teresa to save you!

PPS I love you.


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  2. ¡te queremos, lacie! we're so happy that you were able to join our trip to valencia :) it wouldn't have been the same without you and as they say, ¡no hay mal que por bien no venga!

  3. Gracias Katie! Estoy muy feliz que fui a Valencia tambien. Fue divertidisimo!