Monday, November 25, 2013

Succinct Story Steeped in Levity

This past Sunday, Britt went to visit her host family. While chatting with her host parents, Haynez and Rosa, she suddenly realized that a giant cow was standing in the family's small doorway. "Oh!" She exclaimed, "there's a cow in the doorway!" Unalarmed, Rosa and Haynez chuckled, "Why yes, yes their is," and continued on with the previous topic. Britt was obviously still distracted by the cow which, by this point, had decided not to come into the house but was grazing on the weeds in front of the family's home. Soon another cow, a bit smaller than the first, wandered up to the doorway, looked in as if sending saluations to the family, and joined its companion in weed consumption. There was no one accompanying these cows.

This is a completely normal occurrence.


In other news, I saw a pig on a leash the other day.

Peace, love, and farm animals:

Lacie Ann

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