Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Too Can't Wait to Be Held

I am about to blatantly plagiarize, but I sincerely think that the author won’t mind. The following is the last letter in a series of letters written by my mother. Each one was to be opened only on the day written on the front of its envelope. Today’s is one of my favorites so I would like to share it with you here:

Hi Lam,

            Today is Nana Michaelson’s Birthday and I pray to her to watch over you as your time comes to an end. We’ve just had Thanksgiving here and I thank God we’ve got through our time away from you and anticipate the hugs of next month.
            I didn’t do a card for December because I know you have so much to do and prepare for. Know that we love you and cannot wait for these next weeks to pass- I’m sorry I can’t help it- I’m so proud of you Lacie Ann and the young woman that is all you are and have done, but selfishly I can’t wait to hold you!
            Travel Safe!

Love always,

I put her words here because they describe my thoughts and feelings. Obviously, what comes next will be extremely difficult, but I too can’t wait to be held.

Love you too mom.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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