Thursday, July 25, 2013

I May or May Not Have Also Eaten a Donut

As my students say when I tell them to get off Facebook or I make them hand over their cell phone, "Que mala la profesora," or "How bad the teacher." I just realized that in my previous posts I neglected Nasca photos!

Ministry of Culture
Geographical Lines of Nasca

This line formation is called "the hands." Naturally, Britt and I decided to put our hands in the picture too! It's kind of hard to make out the shape, but it's amazing!

This shape is called the "tree." Some hilarioius, wiry little Italian woman took this photo of us while standing on top of the metal bars across from us. In addition to her scaling, she also forced the 10 other people on top of this rickety old structure to move out of the way and all into a tiny little corner. Hilarious.

Me with the Nasca sign at the entrance of the city. Dork. Note the patriotic Escarapela (rosette) pinned to my shirt! However, at the time I didn't realize that I was wearing it incorrectly: you're supposed to wear it on the left side over your heart. Oops!

At the airport we stopped at Dunkin Donuts... duh... It was NOT the same as back home but still quite exciting. I may or may not have also eaten a donut...

The honorary guests at the independence day march. Note Ms. Chulucanas standing next to the mayor. Beauty pageants are a huge deal around here and the winner has many duties all year long, including wearing tiny little dresses standing amongst a group of old men.

The Santisima Cruz marching band! They're actually VERY talented and did an excellent job. Those poor kids were out there standing and playing in the sun for a L O N G time.

The band marching into position to play while the other students marched by.

Me marching with the CEO team. I helped lead the group, holding the sign.

Still marching.

Wearing red and white ponchos, our students formed a Peruvian flag. They teach sewing at the CEO so our students always have the most beautiful costumes! Not like I have a swayed opinion or anything...

The marchers! The girl in the front with the blue sign is Faviola, one of my favorite students. They always choose the tallest students to march and she's by far the tallest student at the CEO.

Even though I'm still kind of creeped out by the weird militaristic feel of the marching, I was proud of my students. They all did a phenomenol job marching. The CEO director, Hermana Carmen, was glad that we didn't win as the winners have to march again in Chlucanas and must go to Piura to march. I asked her if I was supposed to smile while we marched (everyone else was so serious!) and she said, "Lucia, do whatever you want when we go by the judges. You can even stick your tongue out if it means we don't have to go to Piura!"

Britt and I after all the marching was done with. I have to admit this photo has kind of been doctored. Britt is totally bending down and I'm on my tip-toes! Also, we're both wearing our formal uniforms. After the march we both went to the Sisters of Mercy's home for lunch: yum.

Chantelle and Paul have finally come home from Lima! Glad to be  a whole community again!


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