Friday, November 12, 2010

Huelga: Round 2

Buenos dias! Today is the big day, the trip that I am probably most excited about out of all of them: we're on our way to Ireland! As most of my plans go, however, it's not even 11:00am and we've already faced some serious obstacles... Our bus to Malaga (where our plane leaves from) was scheduled to leave at 10:00 so we decided we should try to leave our house by about 9:00 as we already had our tickets and only needed to board. Does anyone really leave when they say that they are going to? In any case, as about 9:10 we were standing in front of a police road block on Gran Via, the street where we usually take the bus from, so that a huelga parade could take place. Uh oh. Thinking fast, Pam suggested we walk to the next closest bus stop (maybe five minutes away), but once there we had trouble figuring out where to go with all of the route changes. After about ten panicked minutes, Pam turned to me and said,"Let's just take a taxi." I agreed, but then our next question arose, how? All of a sudden a taxi came driving towards us and, almost instinctively, I raised my arm and hailed a cab for the first time in my life- and he stopped! The way there was through crazy back roads that we could have never done and we arrived at the bus station at 9:56- not a minute to spare! Thankfully, everyone in Spain is generally always late so our bus had not even arrived yet. Next a girl came up to ask me if it was the right bus, and we just began talking. I soon realized that her accent was clearly not Spanish, and she explained that she was from Mexico (neighbors!). It was interesting to talk to her and her friends and to hear Mexican Spanish again. It's not a good trip if there is not at least a little bit if excitement.

Wednesday night, Pam could not go to our Flamenco class as she had a lot of work to do so it was just me and my friend Liz. However, when Ana discovered this she decided that it was not worth it to start learning a new part of the dance... So we all went shopping together. Only in Spain!

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. It began with an exam in my 8:30 class, and got fun from there on. For my art history class, we went on a field trip (yes, field trip!) to la catedral (the Tuesday before we went to la capilla real). It was interesting to see it from a completely different perspective than when we visited with Amalia. Next, I ran to my volunteering at the high school where I work with Mark. It is always so much fun and the kids are just great. After I made the trek home for lunch (lentil puree with croutons and boquerones on the side- mmmmm). After lunch I finished packing my bag for Ireland, a stuffed L.L. Bean backpack, yet still RyanAir approved, and by 5:00 I was off again. I have been trying to contact my assigned intercombio for a while now, but to no avail so I finally acquired a new one, Juan Miguel. We decided to meet and talk at a teteria near Plaza Nueva, and I'm so glad to have met him! He's very nice and quite patient with my Spanish but he was also thrilled to practice his English with me. I think that might be the first time that I've heard a Spaniard say, "It's so good to hear English again!" At 7:00 I ran off for the last two hours of my acting class, which- per usual- was wonderful and hilarious. After I met up with some girls in my POE class for Tapas near la Plaza Trinidad. We have a project for which we must get Tapas from several different restaurants and give a presentation on them- only in Spain!

I think we're in Malaga now, so I must leave you but I will try to write again soon.

PS May you always be loco con tu tigre!

PPS Happy the other day was your birthday, daddy!

PPPS We're so glad you made it home safe Katie!

PPPPS I love you.

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